Whenever having an opportunity to explore a new land, Ngoc Han gets full pocket of inspirations to create new collections.

The Ao Dai Collection: Tết Đinh Dậu

For long, Chicken Painting has been considered as a culture elite on Tet Holiday of the Vietnamese. Not only does the Chicken represent prosperity and wealth but also the family reunion.

Through the collection, Ao Dai Ngoc Han would like to bring about the Ao Dai with high artistic value and close to the customers through the decisive image of a cock. This is also to wish luck to everyone in the year of Chicken - Đinh Dậu, and, plus to spread out the meaning message of the Vietnamese culture.

Ao Dai Collection inspired by Hàng Trống Paintings

The Ao Dai collection inspired by Hàng Trống Paintings was the very first work of art by Ngọc Hân to present at Hanoi Ao Dai Festival. The public are more aware of Đông Hồ Folks Paintings than Hàng Trống Paintings. Through the collection, Ngọc Hân wish to bring this authentic genre of painting to the young generations.

To develop this collection, Miss Vietnam 2010 did loads of research through reference materials and books and magazines about the Hàng Trống paintings. She also contacted Artisan Lê Đình Nghiên who is a rare person deeply attached to this genre of painting. His family has been crafting them for generations. Ngoc Han proposed to represent the Hàng Trống Paintings on her Ao Dai designs. This surprised the artisan because he did not expect a young person to be interested in this genre of painting. He borrowed Ngọc Hân plenty of valuable books and paintings as inspiring materials for her creation.

Ao Dai Collection: Hanoi in the eyes of Children

“Hanoi in the eyes of Children” is an exclusive concept and meaningful idea to raise fund for “Thiện Nhân and Friends”. In collaboration with the Lead Soldier Thiện Nhân and small friends from Hanoi Children’s Palace that nurtured Ngoc Han’s passion, it could be seen that innocent drawings and rich imagination, especially pure honesty, of the children the children have been translated into the designs in an artistic manner.

Ao Dai Collection: Cotton Rose

Cotton Rose is attached to a sad story. However, in the collection inspired by the Cotton Rose, Ngoc Han chose to tell another story about this flower. The collection is full of bright colors with graceful simplified floral patterns, which presents a novel view of Vietnam traditional beauty to the public, as well as a meaningful story of Viet family who wish to maintain traditions and gain prosperity.

Ao Dai Collection: Peacock

Within one week of research and production, the collection Peacock was finished thanks to Ngoc Han’s full pocket of inspiration and passion with the royal bird symbolizing for rebirth, joy and brilliance. The graceful Ao Dai was renovated by combining with cullot pants to represent youth, activeness and joyful of Viet young people

Ao Dai Collection inspired by Korean Kingdom

This is one of the most exclusive collections to be presented in Hue Ao Dai Festival 2014. It made a good expression with fashion professions and the public. To make the collection, Ngoc Han spent a lot of time on doing research on Korean culture, mapping concept and selecting cloths by herself. It took her three months to make these Ao Dai bearing the typical characteristics of the land of KimChi. It could be seen from the collection that patterns to illustrate the antique Korean Kingdom were skillful presented on Vietnam Ao Dai.

Ao Dai Collection inspired by Japan – The Land of Rising Sun

The collection named “Inspired by the Land of Rising Sun” expressed the cultural identity of Japan. The unique traits illustrating Japanese architectures, sunrise, Geisha, cherry flowers reflect a country of an advanced civilization but no less romantic. These traits were cleverly selected, stylized and put on the designs to make a good impression of each Ao Dai. Many Japanese tourists get known of the collection thanks to Heritage – an inflight magazine of Vietnam Airlines – and expressed their interest in the collection, purchasing the Ao Dai as gifts for their family, partners and clients.