Designer Ao Dai Provider

Ao Dai Ngoc Han is the sole provider of designer Ao Dai by Miss Vietnam 2010 - Đặng Ngọc Hân under varied remarkable themes that are adored by the fashion expertises, such as “Hanoi in the eyes of Children", “Cotton Rose", “Peacock"...

Passion and incessant creation has made Ao Dai Ngoc Han not only a fashion brand but also a difference in term of Vietnam's spirit and the essences of world nations.

Tailor-made Ao Dai

With the professional service of Ao Dai designing, Ao Dai Ngoc Han is pleased to accompany you in special occasions and life events, for instance engagement, wedding, graduation ceremony, anniversary, birthday…

In addition to our creativity, we are able to translate your unique idea on each design, as well as provide consultancy to make sure that the Ao Dai will be tailor-made for you. With passion and dedication infused with each design, Ao Dai Ngoc Han expects to make your special moments become memorable.

Ao Dai Uniform Design

Uniform design service at Ao Dai Ngoc Han will help express your organizational culture and spirit on Ao Dai design through specific patterns and textures. Ao Dai uniform is not only a simple but unique mean to present the team spirit but also express a meaningful message of organizational culture going with national culture.